How to remove Avast from Mac

How to remove Avast from Mac

Protecting your computer with antivirus is always a good thing, but sometimes it becomes necessary to change it for a more cost-effective for you, and completely remove the old antivirus from the system. However, it is not uncommon for this process to cause problems for many users, this happens because some antivirus files are still present in your PC after it has been removed. This article will talk about how to completely remove Avast antivirus from your Mac system because this antivirus causes many difficulties.

Why uninstall Avast on Mac

Avast antivirus is very popular among many users on the Internet because of its free version, because it can detect and eliminate threats quickly, which is exactly what most people need, no more or less. But this antivirus is not enough to protect the Mac OS, and Apple’s wise users are well aware of this.

Mac users tend to install on your PC paid anti-virus that they will be confident in 100%, in addition, many are not satisfied with the speed of performance and scan Avast. These reasons are the main arguments for removing Avast from your system and below we will tell you how to do it.

How to remove Avast manually

One of the perks of Mac is that once you want to uninstall an application, the system will give you its own uninstall function, which will help you complete the uninstall process faster and easier. To find out how to remove avast from mac manually follow the instructions below:

  • Disable the application process for this click on “go” and then “utility”
  • After that, double click on the activity monitor, thus opening it
  • Look for all running Avast processes and select them
  • Click on “exit”.

After this the uninstallation process itself starts:

  • Log in to the Finder
  • Find the “applications” tab on the left side and click on it
  • In the new tab, find the Avast icon and drag it to the trash
  • Clear Recycle Bin
  • In the Finder app, in the menu bar, click “go.”
  • Click the “go to folder” tab
  • From there, type ~ / Library in the line and click on “return”, this will redirect you to the library
  • After that, you should find all the folders associated with Avast antivirus and clear them from your system Mac

This method is quite long and not very reliable because there is a possibility you may not have removed all the avast files and this will prevent you from installing another antivirus.

How to remove Avast with iMyMac PowerMyMac

This method is guaranteed to remove Avast from your OS because it involves using a third-party application iMyMac PowerMyMac, which has been specially designed for high-quality removal of applications. Here’s how to use it:

  • Download the app from the official website and install it on your Mac
  • Launch the program and explore its interface. There you will be able to notice that the screen will display a general state of your Mac, and the data that is displayed there is information about your OS at the moment
  • The uninstall tool is on the left side of the program menu, click on it
  • The program will start scanning your system, wait for the process to finish
  • From the list of scanned applications find Avast (manually or with a search engine)
  • Click on the application, and this way all folders and files belonging to it will be displayed on your screen
  • Select all files and click delete
  • Wait for the program to complete the deletion and close the program