How to add another face id to iPhone or iPad pro

The Face ID function on Epp phones and tablets is a very useful feature that ensures the safety of your phone because it will only recognize you by sight. However, there may be certain reasons due to which users may need to add another Face ID, for example, so that your child, significant other, etc. can use the phone. In this article, we will tell you how to add or remove a second Face ID on an iPhone or iPad Pro.

Add Two-Face IDs to iPhone or iPad

If you are interested in how to add another face id to your Apple gadget, then the instructions below will help you figure it out:

  • Go to the settings of your gadget and go to the third section. In it, find a tab with the name Face ID and password
  • Clicking on this tab you will be required to manually enter the password, keep in mind that Face ID will not work here
  • After you have successfully entered the password and proceeded to the next page, find the “Configure alternate view” option and click on it
  • After that, you or the second person whose person you plan to add to Face ID will go through the necessary steps necessary to add the second person
  • If instead of these steps you see the message “Reset Face ID” it will mean that two Face IDs are already installed on the device and to add a new face you need to reset the two previous ones at once
  • When it’s time to take a picture directly, remember that the person must look directly at the camera, the iPhone will prompt you to slowly turn your head in a circle so that the device can recognize you from any angle
  • After that, click “Continue” and go through this process again to finalize the Face ID profile

How to reset Face ID from the device

If you notice that the functions of your Face ID are slow in unlocking, do not recognize your face, or you no longer need a second Face ID of a stranger whom you added, resetting this function will be the right decision. This action is quite simple you can get by in two steps:

  • Open the settings on your Apple device and enter the “Face ID and Password” section
  • At the very bottom of the section is the “Reset Face ID” function written in red, click on it, then confirm your action, and you’re done

If the purpose of your collection was to troubleshoot the phone, do not forget to take the Face ID again.

What happens if I don’t use Face ID?

Face ID is not a prerequisite for using Apple products, you can freely refuse it altogether, or if you change your mind, return it. Instead of this function, you can also use Toch ID, everything is only in your hands, but you must be aware of what you lose when you do not use the Face ID function:

  • Unlocking your gadget will not be so fast because Face ID allows you to instantly recognize your face while entering the password will take more time
  • You will not be able to use face scan to authenticate a payment or purchase Apple Pay
  • And the most obvious, but you will not be able to use the Face ID function if you do not configure it first